Gallery Katariina, Helsinki, Finland 2011

"So Lightly Here" - Solo exhibition, July 2011

Oil on wood

So Lightly Here 2010
Oil on wood 60x60

Down That Narrow Path 2011
Oil, acrylics and charcoal on canvas 80x80

Boogie Street 2011
Oil and charcoal on canvas 100x80

Amor Fati 2011
Oil and charcoal on canvas 80x80

The Blue Raincoat 2011
Oil, charcoal and ink on wood 20x20

In Octavio Quartio's Garden 2011
Oil on wood 23x20

Pleasures 2011
Oil on canvas 50x50

A Divine Capacity - Forgetting 2011
Oil on canvas 89x116

The Guests Arrive 2011
Oil on canvas 73x110

Say Something So I'll Know You're There 2011
Mixed media on wood 22x20

And Then There Were None 2011
Oil and acrylics on wood 20x20

Into Stranded Night 2011
Oil on wood 20x20

Being Who You Are 2010
Oil on canvas 90x90

Consequences of Your Candour 2011 
Oil on hardboard 71x61

Nextopia 2011
Oil on canvas 100x100

Free of Fear 2010
Oil on paper 117x86