Gallery G18, Helsinki, Finland 2011

"In Search Of Lost Time"  - Solo Exhibition April 2011

In Search of Lost Time
Oil on canvas 100x80
Mona Hoel 2011

When We Dance 
Oil on wood  25x75
Mona Hoel 2009

Una Storia Importante 
Oil on canvas 100x100
Mona Hoel 2009

At My Most Beautiful
Oil on canvas 80x110
Mona Hoel 2009

Cherishing The Mundane 
Oil on canvas 70x70
Mona Hoel 2009

Yet to Be
Oil on canvas 80x100
Mona Hoel 2009/2011

Alone Together
Oil on wood 80x100
Mona Hoel 2011

Oil and acrylics on canvas 50x100
Mons Hoel 2011

Entertaining Eddie
Oil and acrylics on canvas 30x30
Mona Hoel 2011

Oil on canvas
Mona Hoel 2011